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4 features of quality ST80 Coiled Tubing

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quality ST80 Coiled Tubing is an important oil drilling equipment, also known as coiled tubing. This type of equipment is commonly used to explore the production of deep oil wells, as well as in the development of subsea oil fields. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, long service life and high strength, and has become an important part of the modern oil drilling industry. Next, let's learn more about the features and applications of quality ST80 Coiled Tubing.

quality ST80 Coiled Tubing

1. Simple product structure: quality ST80 Coiled Tubing is composed of continuous interface, surface casing row and inner column tube row. It has a simple structure and is convenient for installation, disassembly and maintenance. In addition, coiled tubing can also be adjusted according to actual usage conditions to meet different needs.

2. High strength and good wear resistance: quality ST80 Coiled Tubing is made of high-strength alloy steel, which can withstand high pressure and impact, and also has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It remains stable and reliable even when subjected to environmental tests such as wind, rain, and high-pressure shock.

3. Long service life: quality ST80 Coiled Tubing adopts advanced technology and processing technology in the manufacturing process, it has very high precision and smoothness, which makes the operating life of this equipment very long. Years of use will not show serious aging and wear problems.

4. Wide range of application: quality ST80 Coiled Tubing is not only suitable for land production oil wells, but also for exploration and development of deep sea oil fields. Compared with traditional oil well extraction tools, it has higher efficiency, lower cost and greater development potential.