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Application advantages of ST90 Coiled Tubing products

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Corrosion-resistant ST90 Coiled Tubing products are widely used and are recognized by everyone due to their various advantageous properties, and they are also simpler to operate. Only by using it strictly according to the operating regulations can we achieve good results. Let's find out what role it has played? If you want to know, please take a look.

ST90 Coiled Tubing products

There are still many knowledge points that we need to know before using corrosion-resistant ST90 Coiled Tubing products, because only if you master these, you can operate better. Generally speaking, corrosion-resistant ST90 Coiled Tubing products are made of low-carbon alloy steel. Tubing, has good coiling, also known as coiled tubing, a roll of ST90 Coiled Tubing products is several kilometers long. Therefore, with it, it can replace conventional oil pipes for many operations, and the operation equipment in ST90 Coiled Tubing products has the characteristics of pressure operation and continuous lifting, small size, fast operation cycle and low cost.