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How to avoid quality problems in quality Seamless Tubing

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The quality Seamless Tubing produced now mostly adopts hot rolling technology. Because of the high temperature, the deformation resistance is relatively small. Generally, steel plates are used to complete the rectification and rolling process. During this operation, the specific thickness of the steel plate also needs to be considered. If the precision requirements are relatively low, the problem of plate shape will not occur. It is mainly based on control, that is to say, in terms of temperature control, it is also a problem that must be considered. It can be said that the consideration of this part is also very important.

quality Seamless Tubing

There are distinct quality requirements for quality Seamless Tubing in the market, especially the requirements for different alloy elements should not be sloppy. The harmful elements must be strictly controlled, and the dangers and defects of the pipeline materials after production must be taken into account, such as cracks, internal folds, external folds, rolling, delamination, scarring, Problems such as pulling concave and so on must also be controlled within the agreed range to avoid quality problems.