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Precautions for Tubing Encapsulated Cable

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According to the national standard, the surface of the Tubing Encapsulated Cable should have the continuous mark of the manufacturer's name, product model and rated voltage. This is beneficial to find the manufacturer in time when a problem occurs during the use of Tubing Encapsulated Cable. Consumers must pay attention to this when purchasing Tubing Encapsulated Cable. At the same time, consumers should pay attention to whether the manufacturer's name, product model, and rated voltage indicated on the certificate are consistent with the printed marks on the surface of the Tubing Encapsulated Cable when purchasing Tubing Encapsulated Cable to prevent counterfeit products.

Tubing Encapsulated Cable

Common faults of Tubing Encapsulated Cable lines include mechanical damage, insulation damage, insulation damp, insulation aging and deterioration, overvoltage, and Tubing Encapsulated Cable overheating faults. When the above fault occurs in the line, the power supply of the faulty Tubing Encapsulated Cable should be cut off, the fault point should be found, the fault should be checked and analyzed, and then repaired and tested.