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Production application of 2507 Capillary tube

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A tube with a very thin inner diameter is called "2507 Capillary tube". It usually refers to a thin tube with an inner diameter equal to or less than 1 mm. Because the diameter of the tube is as thin as hair, it is called 2507 Capillary tube. Applied in medicine, building materials.

2507 Capillary tube

Although the 2507 Capillary tube function is of great help to the water absorption of plants, the capillary phenomenon in agricultural production will also have a negative impact on agricultural production. There are many 2507 Capillary tubes in the soil, and the water in the ground often rises to the ground along these 2507 Capillary tubes. If you want to preserve the water in the ground, you should hoe the soil on the ground and destroy the 2507 Capillary tube on the surface of the soil to reduce the evaporation of water.

When building a house, there are many 2507 Capillary tubes in the solid foundation, which will attract the moisture in the soil and make the room damp. When building a house, lay linoleum on the foundation to prevent moisture caused by capillary phenomenon.