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ST90 Coiled Tubing products Working Process

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At present, the oil and gas field has entered the middle and late stage of development. With the intensification of resource exploration, reducing operating costs and avoiding operating risks have become the primary considerations for oil and gas field development. Deepening sidetracking in old wells to increase potential efficiency and increase production from difficult-to-recover reserves, The development of horizontal wells and shallow oil and natural gas and coalbed methane resources is the most effective way to improve oil and gas recovery. It is suitable for this kind of operation and can effectively reduce the cost and damage to the operating environment. It is considered to be a revolutionary new technology in the workover operation method of oil and gas wells in the 21st century. It is foreseeable that the ST90 Coiled Tubing products technology will surely become one of the leading technologies in the workover industry in the future. In particular, it has broad application prospects in small wellbore, old wellbore reentry and pressurized operations, providing a broad development space for ST90 Coiled Tubing products technology.

ST90 Coiled Tubing products

At present, the operation of ST90 Coiled Tubing products involves almost all conventional drill pipe and tubing operations. It has been widely used in oil and gas field workover, acidizing, fracturing, perforating, logging, completion, drilling and surface oil and gas pipelines, such as unblocking and dredging, especially for pressurized operations, horizontal wells and high deviance. It is known as "universal operation" equipment for operations such as well logging, perforation, and completion. Compared with using conventional tubing operations, ST90 Coiled Tubing products operation machine can save operation time, reduce formation damage, and operate safely and reliably. It plays an increasingly important role in oil and gas exploration and development.