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Several selection methods for Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers

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1. Intuitive judgment method

The intuitive judgment method refers to a method of selecting Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers through investigation, consultation, comprehensive analysis and judgment. It is a highly subjective judgment method, mainly listening to and adopting the opinions of experienced purchasers. Or directly by the purchasing staff to make judgments based on experience.

The quality of this method depends on the correctness and completeness of the Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturer's information and the decision-maker's ability to analyze and judge and experience. This method is simple and fast in operation, but it lacks scientific nature and is limited by the detailed degree of information available.

Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers

2. Examination and selection method

On the basis of full investigation and understanding of Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers, the method of selecting suppliers is carefully assessed, analyzed and compared. The survey of Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers can be divided into preliminary survey and in-depth survey. The selection of preliminary investigation objects is very simple, the basic basis is the product specification, quality and price level, production capacity, transportation conditions and so on. The selected few Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers with suitable conditions are the objects of preliminary investigation.

The selection of in-depth investigation objects is to carry out in-depth research, investigation and assessment on these Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers. The selection criteria are mainly the strength of the enterprise, the production capacity of the product, the technical level, the quality assurance system and the management level.

Through the trial operation stage, after obtaining the comprehensive results of each Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturer, the manufacturer can basically be determined.