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Some applications of ST70 Coiled Tubing

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ST70 Coiled Tubing is a tube made of low carbon alloy steel with good flexibility, also known as flexible tubing. A roll of ST70 Coiled Tubing is several kilometers long. It can replace conventional oil pipes for many operations. ST70 Coiled Tubing operation equipment has the characteristics of pressure operation and continuous lifting and lowering. The equipment is small in size, fast in operation cycle and low in cost.

ST70 Coiled Tubing

The ST70 Coiled Tubing initially gained a foothold in the market as a cost-effective wellbore cleaning tool. The economic revenue of well workover and completion operations accounts for more than 75% of the total revenue of ST70 Coiled Tubing operations, and the application scope of ST70 Coiled Tubing in various oil and gas fields around the world continues to expand. In fact, ST70 Coiled Tubing has the advantages and application value of underbalanced operation with pressure, fast and efficient operation, low damage to the formation, and low cost (from the simplification of the process).