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The first coiled tubing national standard was officially released

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The first coiled tubing national standard was officially released

GB/ T34204-2017 COILED TUBING NATIONAL STANDARD officially issued by the national standardization administration commission shall be implemented on June 1, 2018.  

This is the first national standard for coiled tubing products in China, which provides scientific basis for the development, manufacture and application of coiled tubing. This standard specifies the raw materials used for the coiled tubing products, the coiled tubing making process, the inspection test, the product specifications and dimensions, etc.    

The coiled tubing and its operating equipment are called "universal operating machine", which is an essential oil equipment in oil field operation. The publication of the standard will not only provide important guidance for scientific research, production and technical services, but also greatly promote the rapid development of China's coiled tubing technology, shorten the gap with developed countries, and improve the equipment manufacturing level of China petroleum.