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The working principle of 2507 Capillary tube products

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The working principle of 2507 Capillary tube products is that the liquid inside the thin tubular object rises due to the difference in cohesion and adhesion and overcomes gravity. For example, the water absorbed by the roots of plants can rise through the vascular bundle in the stem. When the adhesion between the liquid and the solid (tube wall) is greater than the cohesive force of the liquid itself, the tube at this time can be regarded as 2507 Capillary tube products. When the liquid is in a vertical thin tube, the liquid surface is concave or convex, and the porous material object can absorb the liquid, which is the effect of this phenomenon.

2507 Capillary tube products

2507 Capillary tube products are often used to explain the capillary phenomenon. When the bottom of a vertical thin glass tube is placed in a liquid (such as water), the adhesion of the tube wall to the water will make the liquid surface slightly higher than the center; until When the surface tension of the liquid can no longer overcome its weight, it will stop rising. In 2507 Capillary tube products, the weight of the liquid column is proportional to the square of the tube diameter, but the contact area between the liquid and the tube wall is only proportional to the tube diameter; this makes the narrower 2507 Capillary tube products absorb more water than the wider 2507 Capillary tube products come high.