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These things about ST80 Coiled Tubing

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Advantages of ST80 Coiled Tubing

The operation of ST80 Coiled Tubing is simple, with few operators and low cost. Quick relocation, small footprint, environmental protection, the footprint is 1/3 of conventional drilling.

ST80 Coiled Tubing

The lifting time is short and the downtime is reduced, which is 11 times that of conventional tubing. It can be circulated when tripping, and the closed tubing can be operated under pressure, which has little damage to the formation. Oil pipes of different sizes can be selected as hydraulic channels. The construction is safe and the maintenance is convenient. Can pass through highly deviated wells.

Basic Technical Requirements for ST80 Coiled Tubing Operation

Accurate depth measurement, accurate weight measurement and control, precise control of tubing movement, suitable pipe string structure-step type, rated pressure of pressure control equipment greater than the maximum working pressure, and all tools that go downhole must have dimension drawings.