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Tubing Encapsulated Cable should be used in a standardized manner

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Standardized use - the wiring should be standardized. It is best to use BV single-core wires to pass through the tubes for fixed Tubing Encapsulated Cable lines. Be careful not to damage the wires when wiring, and do not damage the wires when decorating the room; do not connect the middle of a line; wires Do not touch the wires when connected to the electrical box (box); in addition, household appliances with large power consumption, such as air conditioners, should be powered by a separate wire; it is best to keep a certain distance between the wires for weak and strong electricity.

Tubing Encapsulated Cable

Common faults of Tubing Encapsulated Cable lines include mechanical damage, insulation damage, insulation damp, insulation aging and deterioration, overvoltage, and Tubing Encapsulated Cable overheating faults, etc. When the above-mentioned fault occurs on the line, the power supply of the faulty Tubing Encapsulated Cable should be cut off, the fault point should be found, the fault should be inspected and analyzed, and then repaired and tested, and the power supply can only be restored after the fault is eliminated.