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Two selection methods for Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers

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tender selection method

When the purchase quantity is large and the market competition is fierce, the bidding method can be used to select the Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturer. As the tendering party, the purchaser puts forward the conditions and requirements of the purchase in advance, invites many Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers to participate in the bidding, and then the purchaser selects the best transaction object from among them in accordance with the prescribed procedures and standards at one time, and the bidder who proposes favorable conditions signs the contract agreement process. Note that the whole process requires openness, fairness and merit selection.

Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers

negotiation option

When there are many Tubing Encapsulated Cable manufacturers to choose from and it is difficult for the purchaser to make a choice, the negotiation selection method can also be adopted, that is, the purchaser selects a manufacturer with more favorable supply conditions, negotiates with them separately, and then determines the suitable manufacturer.

Compared with the bidding selection method, the negotiation selection method is more guaranteed in terms of product quality, delivery date and after-sales service because the two parties can fully negotiate, but due to the limited range of selection, it may not be possible to select cheap and favorable supply conditions. factory. When the procurement time is tight, there are few bidders, the competition of manufacturers is not fierce, and the specifications and technical conditions of the ordered materials are relatively complicated, the negotiation selection method is more suitable than the bidding selection method.