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What are 2507 Capillary tube products for

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Due to the complex microstructure of the undried aqueous pigment filter cake, when the pigment particles are surrounded by the oil phase, the contact angle is less than 90°, which can lead to penetration. At this time, the pore size of the 2507 Capillary tube products inside the particle is related to the pressure difference of the 2507 Capillary tube products. The finer the 2507 Capillary tube products, the greater the wetting force of the solvent. However, due to the unevenness and poor regularity of 2507 Capillary tube products, the permeability of particles in different regions of the oil phase is different, so that water is surrounded by oil before it is completely replaced by oil, resulting in a small amount of water that cannot be completely replaced and remains in the particles.

2507 Capillary tube products

But the general trend of the role of 2507 Capillary tube products is to help the transfer of pigment molecules to the oil phase. As long as the pigment particles have a certain lipophilicity, under the action of stirring, the oil phase will spontaneously wet the surface of the aggregated particles, and gradually disintegrate in the oil phase, finally allowing the oil to enter the pigment particles and discharge the water. Small amounts of water remaining in the particles can also be separated by heating under vacuum.