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What is 2507 Capillary tube

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2507 Capillary tube is a throttling element that keeps the cross section of the flow channel unchanged when the heat load of the refrigeration device changes. It has a certain self-compensation ability for flow changes caused by external factors. If the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the 2507 Capillary tube changes due to the change of heat load, when the pressure difference increases, the refrigerant flow rate will increase, but because the flow resistance of the refrigerant in the 2507 Capillary tube also increases at the same time, It causes the amount of flash gas in the tube to increase, thereby suppressing the excessive increase of the flow rate. On the contrary, when the pressure difference is reduced, it has the ability to restrain the excessive reduction of the flow rate.

2507 Capillary tube

This suppression ability can prevent the excessive increase of the refrigerant flow rate when the ambient temperature rises, causing the condensing pressure to rise, or the evaporating temperature to drop due to the load reduction; When increased, the refrigerant flow rate can be prevented from being excessively reduced. Therefore, the refrigeration device using 2507 Capillary tube can only be used in occasions where the load changes little and the evaporation temperature is roughly constant because the refrigerant flow rate hardly changes with the heat load.