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Coiled Tubing Equipment


Coiled Tubing Equipment



  • ● Truck Mounted &Trailer Mounted.
  • ● Skid Mounted Type Coiled Tubing Unit
  • ● Coiled Tubing Injector
  • ● Coiled Tubing spooler



  • ● The product range is complete, including truck mounted (class II chassis), trailer mounted, skid mounted and dual-purpose coiled tubing equipment.
  • ● The control room has beautiful appearance, wide vision and large internal space
  • ● The gripper block of injector is convenient and high efficient to replace, and suitable for 1 "- 4.5" coiled tubing.
  • ● The coiled tubing reel is driven by high torque planetary gear reducer with high reliability. Direct drive drum, logging drum, QID (Quick in drum) and CID (clip in drum) quick release drum, concentric pipe drum, etc. can be selected as required; Tubing counting system is accurate; Equipped with HD video monitoring device
  • ● Independent research and development of acquisition software to realize loading display and export of real-time curve and historical curve, storage and export of historical records of operation points, etc. coiled tubing fatigue analysis and string simulation software can be optional.
  • ● He on-site construction data and alarm information can be monitored remotely and in real time through the mobile phone or computer, the key data can be stored in the server, and the historical data can be viewed
  • ● BOP ram action can be recorded and checked.
  • ● The system has strong compatibility and can be compatible with other brand equipment.

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