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Electric heating cable


Electric heating cable


China has complicated geological conditions.Due to the formation and storage conditions, China's oil and gas fields have high crude oil density, high viscosity, high gum and wax content, and most of China's oil and gas fields have problems such as too high wax formation in well bore and too high viscosity of heavy oil to produce.Other methods such as deparaffin, thermal production, blending thin oil, and addition of chemical agents are usually adopted, such as the burning oil reservoir and steam stimulation in liaohe oil field, the steam drive in karamay oil field, the wax scraping in the wellbore of tarim oil field and the injection of drugs, etc., which have caused great economic losses and environmental pollution, and seriously affected the normal production of oil and gas Wells.The heating coiled tubing-cable can effectively solve the problem of waxing in the wellbore during the production of oil and gas fields. After application, it can increase oil production by 50t per day and natural gas by 200,000 m3 per day.

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