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Multichannel cable


Multichannel cable


The multi-channel coiled tubing-cable enriches the coiled tubing operation purpose and solves the single channel cannot complete the operation.Shinda combined with our own advantages, by combining the existing cable outer sheath protection technology at home and abroad、Cable  armor  technology、cable around the package、 cable extrusion technology With our company's existing coiled tubing technology, continuous tubing laser low residual high welding technology, and coiled tubing new material manufacturing technology, we designed a kind of multi-channel   coiled tubing-cable to achieve the goal of integrated operation of multi-channel coiled tubing-cable.

The operation use of coiled tubing is greatly increased, and the multi-channel coiled tubing-cable is independent from each other, which can be controlled separately and used more flexibly, which greatly improves the working efficiency, reduces the operation difficulty and operating cost, and retains the characteristics of fast, safe and efficient operation of coiled tubing.According to the requirements for mechanical properties (The tensile strength of the tube body, collapse strength, internal pressure strength, etc.), the material of multi-channel coiled tubing was designed and selected, and the outer diameter of multi-channel continuous pipe for water injection and the geometric dimensions of each channel were determined according to the parameters such as water injection flow and well bore structure. At the same time, the optimal multi-channel arrangement scheme is selected to organically combine the continuous tubing of different pipe diameters, so as to avoid the problems of low space utilization rate, difficult processing, large gap between each other, easy looseness or sliding, etc., and reduce material cost and production cost through material selection and structural design.

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